Armytrix Cat Back Exhaust for Mercedes Benz C-Class C180 W204

Armytrix Cat Back Exhaust for Mercedes Benz C-Class C180 W204

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The Mercedes W204 C180 / C200 / C250 Exhaust System, complete with Quad Chrome Silver Tips, is the ultimate automotive accessory for Mercedes W204, C180, C200 and C250 models

The hand built craftsmanship behind this Armytrix exhaust allows for prospective buyers to experience an overabundance of innovative aftermarket options.

The Armytrix team of engineers came to the conclusion – that the Mercedes Exhaust System needed to be the best turbo charged accessory available for those who enjoy the thrill of full throttle, speed, power and a notable kick in horsepower and torque.

Therefore, they engineered, designed, and manufactured this street proven automotive accessory for a thoroughly race sound level, allowing for a more unrestrained driving experience.

If you prefer discretion when getting behind the wheel, this innovative exhaust system is ideal for you.

The aftermarket accessory will ensure your engine will purr with automotive delight. In fact, we are talking about a system that is both comfortable on the motorway at a decent speed, yet aggressive when you need to showcase the fact that you are the king of the road.

Rest assured, as the exhaust gases exit the engine of your Mercedes model, filtering through purposefully located ports, into the haven of reflection chambers – where they bounce of the walls into relative oblivion, you are essentially controlling the size and location of the ports and the chambers.

In plain English – when the reflected sound waves rejoin the principal exhaust flow – this creates a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree out-of-phase sound wave that cancels out any awkward recurring sounds.