Armytrix Cat Back for Mercedes Benz A-Class A180/200 W176
Armytrix Cat Back for Mercedes Benz A-Class A180/200 W176

Armytrix Cat Back for Mercedes Benz A-Class A180/200 W176

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Allow the exceptional automotive accessory that is the Mercedes A250 (2WD) Exhaust System, complete with a Ceramic Coated High-flow performance de-catted down pipe with cat simulator link pipe, guide you in as you slide into your car, hold onto the wheel and discover a new world of turbo charged automotive flair.

There is immense synergy between the exhaust system and the A250’s distinctive personas.

For example, as soon as you shop online and purchase this exhaust, and then have it installed to your vehicle, one will find that it will be the talk of the car scene – everybody will ask you about the throttle, speed, valves and more.

Manufactured using the most superior aluminium, akin to the sort of products used in Formula One racing, it is a reserved and mild mannered product one minute and then within second it is an automotive manifestation of turbo charged excellence as the engine growls, beating every other product into submission.

The high-performance valve controlled exhaust system is presented with a programmable exhaust remote control key chain and app, which provides drivers with an array of data.

By installing this exhaust System, you will not only perk up the sound of your Mercedes, you will also be able to get the power in terms of rpm.

Like our other performance automotive accessories, the Mercedes A250 Exhaust system showcases a restrained increase between drive ability and sound quality, not discounting a succinct increase in horsepower. 

It really is for those who reject the monotony of standard/factory models and desire something for the individual who is in tune with the modern car scene of today.