RENNtech Adjustable Suspension Kit for Mercedes-Benz E Class CW12

RENNtech Adjustable Suspension Kit for Mercedes-Benz E Class CW12

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The RENNtech adjustable suspension spring kit lowers your vehicle with the OEM dampers via adjustable spring perches and sport lowering springs on the front and adjustable lowering links in the rear for the air suspension.  This kit also works with vehicles that have electronically control dampers installed. Our lowering solution offers not only overall improved aesthetics and an aggressive vehicle stance, but improves both vehicle handling and performance.

Our complete suspension conversion allows full adjustment of the suspension without the need to purchase an entire coilover conversion kit.

Kit Includes:

  • RENNtech sport lowering springs for front axle
  • RENNtech height adjustable spring perches for front axle
  • RENNtech adjustable links for rear axle

Kit Specifications:

  • Lowering Range: 20-40mm Front / 10-20mm Rear (with adjustable links)
  • Four corner height adjustability of the original suspension kit
  • OEM electronic damper control is retained
  • Aggressive, lowered vehicle stance
  • Improved vehicle handling and performance



  • 212 - E Class (non 4-MATIC)
  • 218 - CLS Class (non 4-MATIC)