KW DDC - ECU coilovers inox incl. HLS 4 For Mercedes Benz SLS AMG
KW DDC - ECU coilovers inox incl. HLS 4 For Mercedes Benz SLS AMG
KW DDC - ECU coilovers inox incl. HLS 4 For Mercedes Benz SLS AMG
KW DDC - ECU coilovers inox incl. HLS 4 For Mercedes Benz SLS AMG
KW DDC - ECU coilovers inox incl. HLS 4 For Mercedes Benz SLS AMG
KW DDC - ECU coilovers inox incl. HLS 4 For Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

KW DDC - ECU coilovers inox incl. HLS 4 For Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

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KW coilovers DDC ECU for Mercedes AMG inclusive HLS Hydraulic Lift System

Convincing solution made by KW - because you are driving not just any car but an AMG
Our KW hydraulic lift system is available as application specific solution for a wide range of super sport cars and even for the reborn style icon Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. All supplied components like the hydraulic lines or hydraulic pump are adapted to your Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and all our components perfectly harmonize with your Gullwing model. Finally, we equip numerous Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 in the international customer motor sport with our KW Competition racing components - and even for models of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Black Series, the suspension expertise of KW is required.

The perfect setup by the push of a button...

If you are a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG enthusiast from the beginning and your Gullwing model still does not have an adaptive suspension kit, you will now find an intelligent retrofit solution from KW. For you, we have combined the adaptive KW DDC ECU coilover kit from our KW iSuspension product range with the KW Hydraulic Lift System. With the DDC ECU coilovers from KW, you can not only lower your AMG SLS by 10 to 35 mm, but you can also choose between the KW driving modes Comfort , Sport or Sport+ . If you like, you can even adjust the KW dampers to your demands, via iPhone App and separately on front and rear axle. You will not need any technician or tools and you do not have to go on a hydraulic ramp with your SLS AMG.

The free KW DDC App in combination with our optional available wireless module gives you the opportunity to directly adjust the KW suspension kit and the electronically controllable KW dampers respond immediately to your settings. The delivery content of the KW DDC ECU coilover kit includes a discreet KW DDC button for an inconspicuous installation in the dashboard. This button allows to select between the KW DDC driving modes Comfort , Sport and Sport+ directly from the cockpit. Here, the KW DDC button changes the color, matching the optional KW DDC App.

For example if you drive with your SLS AMG on bad way routes or during an excursion through an old town on cobblestones, you want to select the Comfort mode. The uneven road surfaces will be bumped harmonically and the KW DDC ECU coilover kit automatically adjusts to the speed. If you increase the speed, the damper characteristic changes automatically and the suspension kit gets firmer. In the mode Sport you will benefit from a more direct handling and the SLS AMG is driving much more demanding than in the Comfort mode. If you change for example on pass roads to the Sport+ mode, the SLS will convince by its uncompromising handling.

... or more ground clearance

With the HLS lift system you can lift your sports car or your lowered vehicle, to safely run over obstacles such as speed bumpers, bumps, railroad crossings, construction sites, garages and underground car parks. The KW lift kit allows to hydraulically lift your Gullwing model on both axles by up to 45 mm. For that, on each aluminium KW coilover strut a hydraulic cylinder is mounted between spring perch and spring. The great advantage of the hydraulic system is that while driving, no compression (motion) of the extended cylinder unit (no unwished additional springing) occurs and thus can not be affecting the driving dynamics of your Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The scope of delivery for all HLS lift kit variants also includes a control unit that is connected to the onboard electronics. Therefore your SLS AMG at a certain speed will automatically be lowered again to your selected entry lowering of the KW coilover kit.

KW DDC ECU coilovers with HLS:

- upgradeable electronic damper adjustment, combined with the advantages of a KW coilover kit
- with optional App-control
- three damping setups: Comfort / Sport / Sport+< br>- Operation via retrofit button or optional App
- create own setups intuitively with the KW DDC App
- Activation from interior by a button with LED position display or optionally via remote
- can be activated while driving (up to 80 km/h)
- fast lifting within 4-5 seconds at HLS 2
- absolutely corrosion resistant (coated cylinder components made of aluminum)